A Message from the Health Commissioner

We are absolutely delighted to make this wonderful mental health and wellbeing resource available to all Cincinnatians.

As a city, we are committed to supporting all of our residents who may be struggling with mental wellness, or who may be supporting family members who are struggling.

We also support the importance of a stigma-free society and the need to be understanding, supportive, and non-judgmental.

And we recognize the incredible value of mental wellness, brain health, and happiness for individuals, for families, and for our entire community. We hope you’ll make this invaluable resource a frequent stop and even resting place on your mental health journey.

Dr. Melba R. Moore, MS, CPHA
Health Commissioner, Cincinnati Health Department

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Welcome To Cincinnati's New Mental Health and Wellness Portal

Did you know that nearly one in every five Americans struggles with some kind of mental illness, and many with more than one? Or that millions more struggle to support family members and loved ones with mental illness, and often at the cost of their own mental health?

We created this original resource to make it easy to connect with the support and advice that can make all the difference with your mental wellness, whether you’re struggling with a mental illness, want to help someone who might be, or are simply searching for ways to improve your mood and happiness and manage stress.

This site would not be possible without the support of members of the Cincinnati City Council, and especially champions like Council Member Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney and her tenacious Legislative Director Anthony Johnson

Your mind is a powerful and precious thing. Make sure you mind it.

Neal O’Farrell, founder of Mynde.me

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